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Sports Pro Physical Therapy is not just for the serious athlete. We treat everyone from the recreational athlete to the recreational gardener; from the young little league player to the young at heart. If you have a physical ailment that is limiting your lifestyle, we can help you. We are committed to excellent patient care. Feel secure in knowing your therapist has the experience and expertise to help you. We offer physical therapy to help you recover from a variety of conditions, including:

Strains and sprains




Pain in your back, neck, knees & shoulders

Surgery such as joint replacement


Sports Pro Physical Therapy accepts most major medical insurance, automobile personal injury protection (PIP), worker’s compensation and legal cases.

Morning and evening appointments available.

Aquatic therapy is a recognized means for returning patients to function at a faster pace. Here’s how aquatic therapy works:

Warm water helps your muscles relax

 Water buoyancy supports your body as you exercise so impact and joint stress are minimized

 Water resistance helps improve your muscle strength without requiring you to lift weights

Don’t take my word for it

What Our Customers Say

“This office was exemplary. I only wish every visit to a health care professional was as great as this one. I will definitely refer others to Sports Pro. The staff was so kind and considerate. Thank you very much!”

James M.

“Andrew is top notch. He always had time to discuss my progress and always made me feel like I was his only patient. I still can’t believe how well I’m doing! His staff has always been very professional and accommodating. The environment has been super everyone from Andrew to the other patients have been very supportive and encouraging. Thanks for everything!”

Brian H.

“My experience was, as indicated, exceptional. I would recommend Sports Pro without hesitation or reservation. Thank you for your genuine concern.”

Alexander H.

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